Redacciones Personales

The video is about “El suicidio de mi vida” performed by the musical band Plasma. The video is about the musical performance “Redacciones Personales” a work of Plasma and David Fernández. It was filmed in the building of the former seminary in Huesca, in the artistic proposals of Okuparte on[…]

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Septiembre También Llora

Music video of the song “Septiembre también llora” by the band Plasma. Septiembre is a small village, quiet and dark, where every night magic happens. In that moment, Septiembre will be surprised by the exciting visit of… another galaxy. .

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Music video filmed in Arguis a Spanish village, for the song “Grita” of the musical band Ciudad de Lobos. At full moon nights, people from a small village have to be cautious due to their worst nightmare can appear in any moment.

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